Open Customer Letter

”It is communications like the one I received from Craig, following the Kerry National, that makes the hours of study and research all the more fulfilling.

I never complain about the hours put in as I find it a labour of love and the excitement I feel as I see a race ‘coming together’ as the research reaches a conclusion, again fulfills one’s hope as we strive for the winner.”


I am writing to express my delight at finding a genuine racing service, I have been a racing enthusiast for 28 years and its taken me until now for me to write a few lines of gratitude to any racing service. And I have been a member of numerous services and data providers over the years and have only now found a service that offers value and honesty without boasting fake unachievable profit figures.

The trends are factual offering an opinion that fine tunes a race for me without the need for me to go digging out the form book, and don’t the trends work well!!

I had ALPHA BEAT at 32s on Betfair to win on along with 5.2 the Place on Wednesday 14th September that gave me a nice return on my investment.

However I also like to use IBRT to high light a poor favourite that does not boad well with the trends as I take these horses on by laying them on my Betfair account thus giving me another angle to use in my armoury against the bookies.

The balance of the service is correct too, We would all like to win everyday however this is not possible and only people with clouded judgement will think this achievable (usually mug punters) You have to wait for the right races with pedigree and trends to come along as you do with IBRT and I believe you have the balance about right.

Whats NOT missing from your service is the boasting and continual waffle that’s in abundance with other services, I have not at any time had messages or bragging comments from you with regards to winners hence when you have a bad day with the trends (and don’t we all) you will not have negative comments forwarded to you from me.

You really do run a rare service that gives background and foundation to to selections and I wish you all the very best in your continued quest to find winners!!

I am totally delighted with the value for money service you offer and I genuinely wish you well for the future!!